What Is Transformative Travel?

The experiences that we offer our guests are designed to perpetuate the idea that a vacation can change you!

Its about emotional and physical health and wellness; Its about exclusivity; its about having experiences off the beaten path. With our definition of Transformative Travel the trip is the only thing standing between you and your new self.

Our travel advisers have both an addiction and passion for travel that can personalize your trip and answer your bucket list but also ensure that you meet locals that will give you suggestions and help you navigate this great Island. Our guides will make your time in Cuba feel more like an “experience” rather than someone just taking you around to show you the sights. You are not site seeing in Cuba but experiencing Cuba.

We at Out in Cuba want to get the focus off “The Bucket List and get back to the roots of travel and assist you in getting what you want to get out of your time in Cuba.When you start learning about other people and accepting other people, that’s where the transformation begins.

We offer our guests a version of travel that is more than sitting on a beach and seeing the sites from a crowded tour bus. Our guides will show you an experience that goes deep into the culture of Cuba and one that changes you in ways that you may not even be aware of. With personal growth and travel combined we hope to enrich your inner life as you explore out worldly.We hope meeting and feeling the culture of Cuba will empower you to make meaningful changes in your life, whether big or small!

Travel can change the way people see the world. By staying in locally owned Casa Particulars, using local transport and being led by a local leader, getting to the heart of the local communities and having a real life experience. We strive to approach Cuba travel by the means mentioned above. It may be very chatty but defines why we believe Out In Cuba is unique and moving forward for years to come.