We are offering travel services to travelers with a sense of adventure that want to experience the culture and people of Cuba.

We will set you up with all the info needed for your flight. Our host will meet you at the airport and take you to your Casa Particular.  We will work with our Cuban born friends and hosts to set up an experience that is geared to what you want to experience about this great island. We helped a friend that is an artist visit a well-known ceramic artist in the historic town of Trinidad. Our guides are Cuban born and know the island as their home.

Due to the ever changing flights that reach Cuba...our tours do not include the price of transport to Cuba. We have access to all the flights and can help you arrange from the west and east coasts of the USA. The tour pricing does not include transport within Havana. The tour does include driver/car/host when outside of Havana. Our Hosts in Cuba will help you find the best bus or taxi or private car (all very economical).

We are here to help you do all your travels under the new USA guidelines. We are not sending you to Cuba to lay on the beach.

Our goal is to have you fall in love with the history and culture as we have and go back to the island many times in the future...

Let us help you immerse your self in Cuba and its Culture

We are absolutely committed to market to people we would have as guests in our home, to feed them a meal we have prepared at our own dinner table. When you think about our tour concept, imagine that we are bringing our friends to meet you and your friends, in your country, to stay as guests in your homes, eat at your dinner tables, and go out dancing with you!  It is our intention to have as our guests interesting, curious, creative, loving, joyous, vibrantly alive people who are truly interested in an intimate experience and personal exchange in Cuba, with Cuban people, staying in Cuban homes, and having the opportunity to FEEL the vibration of the Cuban soul!

We want to offer the kind of experience we would have if you were our cousin and we were coming to visit you and your family, and you offered to show us around Cuba. We want to have fun, explore Havana day and night, stay and eat in homes where food is cooked and served with love, go dancing, hiking and swimming, and meet some of your well-chosen interesting friends: artists, historians, writers, educators, people working for human equality and gay rights.

Your visit should be a nourishing and beneficial exchange for everyone: You and our casa-particular hosts, our drivers, and the people cooking our meals in local paladares. In this way, we know we will create life-long friendships through sharing dynamic and sometimes unplanned experiences together.