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" We seek guests that have a sense of adventure and want to experience Cuban culture through the eyes of locals."

Our Web Consultant says never get too chatty on the front page. We cant help it. Just received this email on 5/15/18. We love being loved.           

I am still overwhelmed by the whole experience in the best possible way and really can't thank you enough for helping us plan this trip and getting us in touch with the guys.I will try to give you little nuggets of info now though 😁

Dayron was so lovely and sweet and we were so happy to have him greet us at the airport and help us get settled. He was calm and cool and helpful and we enjoyed our tour of the Old town with him immensely. He was very informative and really made the most of the limited time we had with him. Wonderful!

Andres... I don't even know how to describe it lol. We LOVED him.. I think it was immediate but as we had the pleasure of spending the whole day with him by the end we felt we were saying good bye to a friend. Funny, sweet, very open and he did a hell of a job planning a very long day and it turned out perfectly. We learned and saw so much.So so impressed !

Thrilled over all. Feeling so grateful that we got to go and got to meet such special people, especially Dayron and Andres. I will think of Cuba often.. the guys in particular and many other things and can't help but wish things were different but I have hope. I feel very lucky we got to go and very lucky we connected with you and the guys.

Thank you thank you thank you! If you are on TripAdvisor let me know and I will review there too. You should be if you're not! People need to know how special your group is ❤❤

All the best!


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       If your in Havana on a cruise ship ask us about "ONE DAY IN HABANA "TOUR. We will     meet you at the ship with a smile and the promise of a locals view of this great city!


The art of creatively immersing ones self in another culture! In order to have  "Experiences" that at best will teach you something new about life, and at worst be bloody good fun!