We offer LGBTQ and Gay Tours of Cuba and Havana for our LGBTQ friends and allies.​

​​​This is Vinales Valley. We are there all the time...Why not stay in the King Suite? We will book it. There is another double in the same Casa. WE LOVE THIS VIDEO!!

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Personalized Experiences

IMMERSIVE TRAVEL:                                  The art of creatively immersing ones self in another culture! In order to have "Experiences" that at best will teach you something new about life, and at worst be bloody good fun!

With Out In Cuba you will be  met at the airport with open arms and a smile. We also offer the guarantee that your accommodations are there in Havana upon your arrival. Sometimes not a given in Cuba!

Flights from most US cities to Havana   and six other Cuban locales are now flying daily!  We now have five English speaking hosts in Havana and beyond!

We come to you from the US. We offer you the quality and security of American service and hospitality. Our  concierge services are Secure here and while you are in Cuba! 

​" We seek guests that have a sense of adventure and want to experience Cuban culture through the eyes of locals."