Whats Included?

Our tours include your own Cuban born  guide who will be with you for the complete duration as you travel on the island. We are very happy to have found some of the most professional guides in Cuba. 

Our tours include staying in "Casa Particulars" with the locals. Upgrades to western style hotels are available. We believe that staying with the locals offer our guests the true energy that Cuban culture has to offer.

Our tours include all your breakfasts and you are on your own for lunches and dinners.

Our tours do not include transport to Cuba. Every day the flights to Cuba are changing and becoming much easier. We are in touch with all aspects and will assist our friends and clients with the best way to get to Cuba.

Our tours do not include the transport in Cuba. You then have the option of traveling in local bus or hiring private or public taxis. The fees are extremely economical. Our guides will assist you in that.

Our tours do not include the entrance fees to clubs..museums..attractions..this gives you the freedom to design your time as you see fit.

Please let us know if you have any questions

Out In Cuba


The Locals Tour:
Duration: 8 nights/9 days 



Day 1: Arrival. Introducing Havana… 
On the first day, after picking up the clients at the airport and doing the check in at casa/hotel, we can get ready for our first walking tour in Old Havana. This tour is the best way to introduce Havana to our guests and to really appreciate all of the beautiful and unique places we have in this city. It’s a fantastic opportunity for admiring all of the architecture, music, people, atmosphere, etc. That will be our main afternoon activity for the first day in Havana. This first night will be for resting and getting ready for the next day trip to Vinales. 

Day 2: First day in Vinales… 
After arriving Vinales (around the afternoon) and doing the check in at the casa, we will briefly explore the town and have lunch at “Balcon del Valle”, one of the top “paladares” in Vinales. Right after having lunch, we will head to Vinales Valley, one of the most attractive landscapes in the whole country. In the afternoon, we will visit “La cueva del indio”, the most famous of the three caves of Vinales for enjoying a boat trip through its amazing rock formations. Then we will head to “Mural de la Prehistoria”, a huge painting on a mountain which represents the theory of evolution. That will be the end of our first day in Vinales. 
After dinner we can go to “Casa de la Musica” to meet with friends and enjoy of a local live band show. 

Day 3: Second day in Vinales… 
After having breakfast at home, we will take a horseback riding trip in the mountains and valleys of Vinales to see the Cuban countryside, how farmers live and the crops they grow in the area. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the local tobacco production by visiting the “tobacco shreds” and seeing how farmers roll their own “tabaco”. We will have lunch at “Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso”, one of our favorite places in Cuba which offers an organic lunch from the top of a hill with breath-taking views of the surroundings valleys! After lunch, we will head to Cayo Jutias, a virgin crystal-water beach north of Vinales where it is a pleasure to spend a couple of hours and watch the sunset. There are diving and snorkeling opportunities there. 
After dinner, attend a creole party with our friends and share a bottle of rum the Cuban way! 

Day 4: Returning to Havana… 
Right after returning from Vinales, we’ll get ready for our second day in Havana! After having lunch at a “Paladar”, we’ll go to different places around the city, such as the Revolution Square, popular streets like 23rd Avenue, Paseo Avenue, President’s Avenue. We’ll also take a look to some of the most well-known neighborhoods in the city, like “Miramar” (where the rich people used to live before the Revolution’s triumph). A walk all over the “Malecon” (the 7 km sea wall that goes around the city) is a must. 

Day 5: Third day in Havana. Getting ready for our Trinidad trip… 
This will be our museums day. We’ll spend the morning visiting what I consider the two most interesting museums in the Old Town: “Cuban Art Museum” and the “Revolution Museum”. We’ll also visit some art galleries (we have a lot in Havana). In the afternoon we’ll have an “afrocuban culture” tour. Our guests will have the chance to meet places like “Callejon de Hamel” a community cultural project that came out in 1990 like an authentic open air museum of cuban and african art. 
This would be a good night for enjoying our “Buena Vista Social Club” show. 

Day 6: On the way to Trinidad… 
Head to Trinidad…We will arrive in Trinidad in the afternoon. After doing the check-in at the casa and having lunch, we’ll start by exploring the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and its colonial center. We’ll visit the “Plaza Mayor” and some of the most interesting museums around it, like the “Romantic Museum” or the “Museum of Architecture” just to learn about the origins and development of this wonderful village. 
Right after dinner, we can go into the Trinidad night life by visiting “La Escalinata” and “Casa de La Musica”, both of them with live music and dancing shows. 
beautiful southern beach. We can have a beach lunch. Right after finishing our beach day we will return to the city. 
During the evening we can go to some other places like “Casa de la Trova” or “Palacio de los Congos Reales” to enjoy live music shows. 

Day 8: Back to Havana… 
Travel back to Havana. 
At night we can enjoy a live music show in the Jazz Club “La zorra y el cuervo”. Right after that (around 1 in the morning) we can either go to another place (a disco or bar) or return home for getting rest and prepare for the next morning trip. 

Day 9: Departure.​