1. You and your partner check into your hotel and the hotel assumes you want two beds. WOOPS!!!

2. You just want to go experience restaurants and clubs where LGBTQ guests are welcome and having a great time. You are welcome and feel it!

3. You want to meet other LGBTQ Cubans, to better understand their history and culture. Go Dancing and experience the vibrant culture of CUBA

4. You are a professional LGBTQ journalist. We have the contacts for you.

5. We have the best connections in the film world. Production. Locals. Just ask.

6. We have one of the leading LGBTQ activists on our staff. Not only a great friend and Host, but we want to support him so that he can further work on LGBTQ equality and rights.
7.  We are connected with some of the finest artists in Cuba. We offer exclusive opportunities to visit artist studios.  We offer two tours.  One for people that want to buy and one for people that just want to experience and see the vibrant art that Cuba has to offer.

8. All of our guides are LGBTQ. They understand the culture and history of Cuba. 

9. We offer you the security of being able to pick up the phone or email us here in the USA and discuss what changes you want to make and or any issues that you may have.

​With our last visit to the island we made some great LGBTQ contacts. If seeing Cuba from an LGBTQ perspective is what you are seeking than we can offer you that experience. Below you will see some photos from our recent tour. Of course that was with 11 guests. YIKES!   We prefer one or two or four. Out new mantra is no more than can fit into a taxi! Of course we are able to lead large groups also..Just ask us!

We experienced some great clubs in Havana that showcase the best Cuban LGBTQ talent…and lasted until late into the night! That Latin energy is so much fun!

​For those of you are very interested in LGBTQ history and culture in Cuba, we have made it our goal to offer you an exclusive experience that will enrich your knowledge of Cuba and how the lives of LGBTQ folks are changing and how you can help and support them.

​All of our tours are non-sexual.

All of the tours listed on the "Book a Tour" page are LGBTQ friendly. If there are certain sites and museums that you would like to experience in Cuba, please let us know.

Call us for more info and to plan your time in Cuba:


Custom ​LGBT TOURS ​

Custom Gay Tours


We are proud to offer LGBTQ welcoming and friendly experiences of Cuba.

Your Cuban born LGBTQ Host will welcome you at the airport with a smile and the knowledge you are experiencing a new culture that sometimes can be challenging for the LGBTQ community.  In supporting our tour hosts we also support the quest for LGBTQ equality in Cuba. ......We like that!!!! 

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