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In Trinidad you will not only find some of the best Cuban history and nature but the music of the island is amazing. The nights roll by while dancing to the Cuban sounds. We just went dancing in the only cave disco that we know of!!

We also offer Gay tours for the LGBT travel community.

We just arranged a visit by an American artist who is a potter in California. He is spending a week with the most famous pottery family in Cuba.​

The last time we were in Trinidad we met a few local folks and ended up dancing the night away in their home. It was a great experience with the family and friends dancing the night away.

We offer you more than just the knowledge of how to manage this unique isle. We can share personal experiences and discoveries with you from a local’s perspective. Cuba is a safe country and you are welcomed with a smile and open arms.

The photo galleries to the right are from our tour in November 2016.


Experience CUBA

 Our  friends and Travel Hosts  are there to show you why Cuba is the new hot spot for travelers. We are very excited to share our experiences with you. Out in Cuba: offers "Experiences" for our guests from all over the world. 

You will note we do not use the word "TOUR" and "TOUR GUIDE".  Experiences and Travel Hosts that will become your friends are what we are about. 

We try and not book any more guests than can fit into an vintage car with our drivers and hosts to show you the real Cuba!

Today, Cuba offers a wide variety of accommodations. We highly suggest you stay in a "Casa Particular" chosen by our staff for quality.  Have dinner with the family and you will not only experience the food but the family. This is what we mean by our tours being "Person to Person Experiential Tours". If you prefer a three star hotel then we will offer them to you.

We offer you personalized travel concierge services. If you are a rum person we will arrange a trip to a Cuban Rum distillery. If you are a Salsa dancer you can take Cuban Salsa lessons. If you are a Ballet person you can attend a Ballet in Habana.