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Here is what we do...

We are here to assist you in experiencing the best of Cuba.

We are offering travel services to travelers with a sense of adventure that want to experience the culture and people of Cuba.

We will set you up with all the info needed for your flight. Our host will meet you at the airport and take you to your Casa Particular.  We will work with our Cuban born friends and hosts to set up an experience that is geared to what you want to experience about this great island. We helped a friend that is an artist visit a well-known ceramic artist in the historic town of Trinidad. Our guides are Cuban born and know the island as their home.

Due to the ever changing flights that reach Cuba...our tours do not include the price of transport to Cuba. We have access to all the flights and can help you arrange from the west and east coasts of the USA. The tour pricing does not include transport within Havana. The tour does include driver/car/host when outside of Havana. Our Hosts in Cuba will help you find the best bus or taxi or private car (all very economical).

We are here to help you do all your travels under the new USA guidelines. We are not sending you to Cuba to lay on the beach.

Our goal is to have you fall in love with the history and culture as we have and go back to the island many times in the future...

Let us help you immerse your self in Cuba and its Culture:

  We are absolutely committed to market to people we would have as guests in our home, to feed them a meal we have prepared at our own dinner table. When you think about our tour concept, imagine that we are bringing our friends to meet you and your friends, in your country, to stay as guests in your homes, eat at your dinner tables, and go out dancing with you!  It is our intention to have as our guests interesting, curious, creative, loving, joyous, vibrantly alive people who are truly interested in an intimate experience and personal exchange in Cuba, with Cuban people, staying in Cuban homes, and having the opportunity to FEEL the vibration of the Cuban soul!                            We want to offer the kind of experience we would have if you were our cousin and we were coming to visit you and your family, and you offered to show us around Cuba. We want to have fun, explore Havana day and night, stay and eat in homes where food is cooked and served with love, go dancing, hiking and swimming, and meet some of your well-chosen interesting friends: artists, historians, writers, educators, people working for human equality and gay rights.                                                                                                                  Your visit should be a nourishing and beneficial exchange for everyone: You and our casa-particular hosts, our drivers, and the people cooking our meals in local paladares. In this way, we know we will create life-long friendships through sharing dynamic and sometimes unplanned experiences together.


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Our Web Consultant says never get too chatty on the front page. We cant help it. Just received this email on 5/15/18. We love being loved.           

I am still overwhelmed by the whole experience in the best possible way and really can't thank you enough for helping us plan this trip and getting us in touch with the guys.I will try to give you little nuggets of info now though 😁

Dayron was so lovely and sweet and we were so happy to have him greet us at the airport and help us get settled. He was calm and cool and helpful and we enjoyed our tour of the Old town with him immensely. He was very informative and really made the most of the limited time we had with him. Wonderful!

Andres... I don't even know how to describe it lol. We LOVED him.. I think it was immediate but as we had the pleasure of spending the whole day with him by the end we felt we were saying good bye to a friend. Funny, sweet, very open and he did a hell of a job planning a very long day and it turned out perfectly. We learned and saw so much.So so impressed !

Thrilled over all. Feeling so grateful that we got to go and got to meet such special people, especially Dayron and Andres. I will think of Cuba often.. the guys in particular and many other things and can't help but wish things were different but I have hope. I feel very lucky we got to go and very lucky we connected with you and the guys.

Thank you thank you thank you! If you are on TripAdvisor let me know and I will review there too. You should be if you're not! People need to know how special your group is ❤❤

All the best!


May 20,2018 Answers to Questions asked of a recent OUTINCUBA returnee...We think that O. and her friend liked our team...thank you O!

1. Growing up Cuba was never really on my radar because it was just always on the "forbidden" list. When Obama eased up on the  travel restrictions I was very excited and knew a couple of people who had visited and loved it, but it seemed in the blink of an eye, there was a new administration and the rules changed again. But I was still very intrigued and decided to investigate what the new rules were to see if I could visit as well. 
2. Making arrangements through an American contact was definitely comforting and made things easier. There was the huge convenience of being able to make payments before arriving since you don't have access to cash and credit cards as an American. And having an American contact that was familiar with our governments guidelines and rules was a big relief too. To have an expert help us navigate what we should be doing to comply was huge for us.
3. I had a lot of anxiety initially about making sure our trip would comply with U.S. guidelines. I started doing research on my own and while I got the overall feel for what I needed to do to comply with my travel category, there was still a level of uncertainty because it was all just so new to me. Having Charles explain the guidelines and confirm my own research conclusions made me feel confident that I was following the rules to travel to Cuba under my chosen category of Supporting the Cuban People.
4. I don't know if being in the Global Entry program made a difference , but when I returned to the States I was out of the airport in 5 minutes. No one asked me anything.
5. It was SO amazing to have a friendly face greet us at the airport. I admit we were a little nervous when we arrived just because the whole planning of the trip was so different than any other trip and we didn't quite know what to expect. So having someone there to welcome us and make us feel comfortable right away was priceless.
6. There are too many things to list. Havana is unbelievably beautiful so that alone was a treat but I think for us getting to know our guides, hearing their take on what daily life is like in general and for them in particular, was just the most beautiful part of the tours. We got to learn about a life that is quite different then what we are used to and yet there is always that common human thread- we all have the same dreams and desires and emotions no matter where we come from. I feel incredibly lucky that I got to meet and spend time with our guides in Havana. I was so impressed with their knowledge of the city, their openness and their warmth.
7. Well we had big dreams of going to a drag show but they all apparently start at 1am- no way that we old ladies were gonna be able to stay up that late! So we didn't really get to dance the night away but that was 100% fine for us . We had action packed beauty filled days and amazing dinners and a view of the sea from our casa with glasses of wine- so we were in heaven!
8. I would recommend doing some research on your own first so you can get a better idea of "can't miss" things that interest you. I would absolutely recommend once you have a general idea of what you would like to do to get in touch with a service like Out in Cuba to help you make your wish list come true as well as make sure you are complying with the U.S rules for your safety and peace of mind. Charles was very helpful with tips about Havana and really listened to what we wanted. And it translated seamlessly to our tours which was delightful.